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Joseph Campbell, the great scholar of mythology and folk legends, unveiled the secrets of the so called Hero’s Journey. Campbell realized that the stories told in all cultures had a number of points in common. A series of dark and stormy phases that must pass its protagonists and a series of archetypal characters that these […]

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Yes I was burned too, but not because I was greedy. I thought that’s the way people learn. Wonk wonk.. Like all the Galilean Moons, it discovered by Galileo Galilei in January of 1610 using a telescope of his own design. At the time, he was unable to distinguish between it and Europa due to […]

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Text says nothing about religion

The aim of this project was to produce an updated estimate of the current burden of occupational cancer specifically for Great Britain. The proportion of cases that would not have occurred in the absence of exposure; this was then used to estimate the attributable numbers. This involved obtaining data on the risk of the disease […]

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The whole Viberg v. Truman styling thing They simply look more work boot and rugged. Everyone in my office commented on how I should only wear them with a flanel for the complete lumberjack look. Free speech has historically been a corner stone of liberals, yet suddenly anyone that questions censorship of any form, whether […]